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Through POSCO’s blog, in easy understandable terms, POSCO will deliver information of new materials and energies that are being researched and developed at POSCO. We also offer various facts of steel and other materials in our everyday lives through fun perspectives. In addition, dynamic work experiences, dreams, efforts to save and preserve the environment by POSCO and its employees can be viewed through the blog. We, POSCO, would like to share our heartfelt passion and communicate with our customers through this blog.


Blogs Basic Policy

POSCO’s Official Blog has been created to establish conversation with its readers whenever wherever, allowing commenting or trackbacks as a means of communication.

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Blog Visitors Privacy Protective Policy

The privacy protective policy (above “policy”) is a criterion that is to be respected as one visits the POSCO Official Blog.


1. Copyright

All information posted on the Blog has gone through the Creative Commons 2.0 process, thus allowing actions in duplication and distribution, transmission, display, presentation and so forth.

Although acceptable for personal use, information provided on the blog for the users cannot be used as a means of commercialization.

  •  Author indication: Corresponding content but be marked by the original writer
  •  Alterations Prohibited: Written work cannot be remade, altered or factious.
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2. Blog Usage

Visitors of the blog are separately able to freely visit the blog, spreading news or information without the load of entering personal information. However, the web analysis system is able to automatically remember visitor browser information and any given time. Blog visitor web demands, visited website addresses, Internet protocol addresses, browser category/language, visited and posted date and time, cookie and browser information can be logged alike. (Utilizing Google Analytics and Tistory analyzer) Information gathered and saved is digitalized and later used for Blog content improvements.


3. Cookie Usage

Google Analytics and Tistory gather computer information of visitors through internet ‘cookie’s. POSCO does not save cookie information. Google and Tistory only used information processed analysis.


4. No guaranteed protection for blog’s confidentiality

POSCO’s Official Blog does not guarantee information to be confidential. Responsibility will not be taken where harm is undergone for visitors as well as subscribers through blog commenting or trackbacking.


5. Link

POSCO’s Official Blog is a site includes site and blog links due to unprotected image policies. Blogs linked by POSCO including information distributed by websites, proposals, advertisements are not guaranteed in any way.


6. Contact Us

Fulfill visitor’s needs POSCO has endlessly supplemented one’s own blog including a privacy protected section online, welcoming positive criticism. Please contact POSCO’s Official Blog operating team ( for any inquires of the blog’s policy or personal information. We promise to do our best in protecting the privacy of our visitors.