POSCO’s Official Website Renovated!


POSCO has completely renovated its official website (www.POSCO.com) from head to toe, enhancing web accessibility and interconnection with POSCO’s various social media channels. ‘Hello, POSCO’ picked 3 major points with the renovation so you can skim through the ever-stylish and informative webpage.


A more stylish website with trendy designs and live communication

POSCO’s official website renovated!

[POSCO’s official website (www.posco.com)]


As you can see from the first glance, POSCO’s new official website adopted a new chic module-type layout with upgraded design, effective contents penetration and intuitive accessibility.


Enhanced web accessibility for everyone

POSCO’s new official website complies with Korean Disability Discrimination Act for corporate websites, by strictly following the provided standards for the Web Accessibility. Web accessibility means the criteria set for physically handicapped internet users to surf online space without any limitations. If a official website’s web accessibility was high, more people would be able to access the pages more easily. These are the core changes we have made.

It may not be quite straightforward for some who are not familiar with the features. ‘Hello, POSCO’ decided to introduce one of the web accessibility features and how they are applied to POSCO’s new website.

Easy-to-recognize colored contents with pattern design

[Easy-to-recognize colored contents with pattern design]

As you can see from the graph above, the new official website uses contrasted pattern colors so anyone can recognize the contents with no difficulties. POSCO’s new page also adopted a series of enhancements: Better readability for texts by adopting contrasting colors and high brightness, convenient information accessibility without using the mouse and alternative text description for images when pointed, and so forth. Through doing so, POSCO’s new official website has been granted with the Web Accessibility Certificate, following a series of strict screening procedures including preliminary, expert and user reviews on the website. One might say it could be a minor factor to take into account when creating a website but POSCO thinks this kind of small effort could make a big change for everyone.


Consolidated interconnection with POSCO social media channels

From the first page of POSCO’s newly renovated website, user can find ‘POSCO Global Blog’ at the bottom-left corner. It allows users to access the contents uploaded in ‘Hello, POSCO’ from POSCO’s official website in real time. You can also easily access POSCO’s LinkedIn corporate page via a quick-link box on the right side.

POSCO’s official website renovated!


With the enhanced design layouts, POSCO has created a much more stylish online page with advanced web accessibility, offering a pleasant web surfing experience with the strengthened interconnection with social media channels. You’ve read about it. So, why not dive into our new official website right now? POSCO always welcomes you.


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